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saikon's Journal

Psycho le Cemu ~ サイコルシェム ~ Complex
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Saikon is a new community for fans of the Japanese rock band Psycho le Cemu. The name comes from a post by the drummer, YURAサマ, proposing (as a joke) that PLC's fans could be called "saikon": the band's name, "saiko" + "kon" (short for "complex") = "saikon". So this is a community for people with "saikon"; a complex for Psycho le Cemu. It's a special place for people who just can't seem to get enough of Psycho and want a place to express their fandom freely. This community is not designed to compete with the other Psycho le Cemu LJ communities, just to complement them.

What You Can Post Here
1. Graphics; avatars, wallpapers, color bars, mood themes, dolls, etc.
2. Fanart, fanfiction, cakes with the member's faces, whatever
3. Cosplay
4. Random news tidbits ("DAISHI posted to the official BBS . . ." "Found some cool new merch on Y!J . . .")
5. Random fan anecdotes ("So I took a PLC CD to class for world cultures day . . .")
6. Random aspects of the music or members you want to discuss ("Why do you think Lida's being hit on by crossdressers in the Roman Hikou PV?")

Posting Rules
1. NO MP3 requests. Sorry but this would become the only point of the LJ if it was allowed.
2. All images larger than 100x100 must be behind an LJ cut.
3. All posts longer than two paragraphs should be behind an LJ cut.
4. All mature content MUST be behind an LJ cut and have a warning. "PG-13" content can be posted to the LJ if it's just mild implications of male relationships or the like. Mature content ("R") must be LINKED to, not posted directly (images and text must be offsite, on your own journal or another website). If you're not sure, link to the content. Please be considerate regarding what others might not want to see and give as much warning about your content as possible.
5. Posts do not have to be informational but they must be related to Psycho le Cemu.
6. Posts remain at moderator's discretion and may be removed.

Other Psycho le Cemu LJ Communities
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Lida Lovers: for Lida fans
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